Why You Should Give A Shit About Hockey

FEAR LA is excited to announce that we will be expanding our content into the world of hockey and will be covering another beloved LA sports team, our Los Angeles Kings! Please welcome Evan Novorot to the FEAR LA family and enjoy reading his first post. Evan is a die hard Kings fan, as well as a Lakers fan, so expect the same in your face attitude that FEAR LA always brings you. And for no reason, here's a picture of Eazy-E!

If you don’t know what the Vezina award is, then you’re not one of the 14 hockey fans in Los Angeles. It’s the award given out at the end of every season to the league’s top goaltender. No King has ever won the award due to the simple fact that no King goaltender has ever been able to not suck for an entire season. This has changed with Jonathan Quick. The dude’s good. He’s damn good, in fact. Whether you’re a stats guy who can’t get enough of his GAA (google it, I’m sick of explaining this shit) or a “feel” guy who jumps out of his seat every time he makes a diving save while doing splits that are usually reserved for gymnasts or seasoned porn stars, you can’t deny that he’s the reason the Kings have made it this far in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Sure, Kopitar and Carter still shoot with the best of them and Dustin Brown is hitting like a prize fighter but that’s nothing new for LA. The Kings have always had great lines, great defensemen and even great goons. This team never had a great goaltender. Let’s not forget that Los Angeles is currently a team that has scored more shorthanded goals against St. Louis than they have power play goals. Not only is that a statistical anomaly that you would typically find on a youth hockey team, it’s also a testament to how inconsistent this offense can be. Smart money says the 8th seed shouldn’t upset the number one seed, but the Kings did (suck it, Vancouver).

Smart money also says that that same 8th seed shouldn’t be up 2-0 on the number 2 seed (and the team that swept them out of the playoffs twice), but they are. They’re riding on the back of Jonathan Quick and it is high time that the rest of the City of Angels jumps on as well because it is going to be one sweet ride.

This team has something that Gretzky and Robitaille didn’t have. This team has something that Dionne, Taylor, and Simmer didn’t have. Hell, this team has something that no Kings team has had since their inception and that is a Vezina worthy goalie. If he doesn’t win, this city will riot Laker Championship style (though it will probably be limited to the Russian district).

Bottom line is that this team is bringing a respect level to a city that hasn’t seen it since the Gretzky years and it is largely in thanks to Jonathan Quick. This team is showing the rest of the NHL, Canada, the KHL and every other league around that the Lakers are not the only team that can bring a championship to Staples Center (suck it, Clippers).

Let the rest of the hockey world say what they will about fair weather southern California fans, they are now forced to respect us for our homegrown, all American hero who looks like he has not hit puberty yet (seriously, google it).

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