James Harden & Beard Traded To Houston Rockets. Laker Fans Point and Laugh Hysterically.

Lets get this out of the way (I feel like I always have to explain this but I kind of like to because...) I'm an asshole. If I can find a way to push that cigarette deeper into your skin, I'll do it. Since people like to pick on little ol us, the 16x NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS OF BASKETBALL SEASONS, YOUR LOS ANGELES LAKERS, I like doing it right back.

 Over the weekend it was reported by Yahoo! Basketball Reporter Adrian Wojnarowski that the Oklahoma City Thunder traded the current Sixth Man of The Year James "Fear The Beard" Harden to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin (I thought it said Kenyon Martin at first, and that would be hilarious if it was), Rookie Jeremy Lamb and some other draft picks that I'm too drunk to remember. Not only is this OKC's way of shooting themselves in their crusty foot but this has to be THEE move that will not only benefit the Lakers but the remaining years of Kobe Bryant being employed by the NBA.

If you go back and watch the 2011-2012 NBA Playoffs, Harden was one of the reasons why the Thunder made it to the Finals. A piece of that puzzle is now missing and gone. This improves our chances greatly and I get a hard on thinking about it because this will help us clinch the Western Conference. Dont get me wrong; the Thunder isn't going to suck because of this. They just wont be as good as they were last year and the year before. But lets not forget whats the real important part in all of this: all of those OKC James Harden fans are PISSED.

Not only is their hero with a beardo gone but they get to look back at these pictures of them dressed as the guy that helped bring down the OKC Thunder and helped them move back to Seattle. In no particualr order; help me remind the world that these people should feel pretty stupid right about... *wait for it* ... now.


This guy pissed me off and ruined my night as he rooted for the Thunder as they fisted our tiny bleached asshole.. Who's the asshole now?

Fuck this cat and fuck Adam Samberg for inspiring the owner of this cat to use his cat in this photo. Fuck all three of them.

"Hey you know would be hysterical, if we all wore beards to the basketball game! Tell Stacey and Selma to shave Grandpa's ball sack so we have enough beards for all 6 of us!" F, all of you.

Harden your arteries you beast.


They're from Oklahoma.. You dont want to know where, who or how they were able to get actual human hair.

Halloween costume or picture of what the kid looks like when Harden was on an episode of Maury?

Fear the Beard his WIFE BEATER says.

Shaq thinks this is funny because you people keep laughing. This is your fault.

Oh just eat all the dicks, already...

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