In case you missed it, Ice Cube blasted Dwight Howard for leaving the Los Angeles Lakers at the "Kings of the Mic Tour" over the weekend at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. If I was Dwight, I wouldn't show my face anywhere that's serving Coors Light. I guess this means his LA privileges are officially over?

Credit: Youtube User HipHopHeisenberg for the footage

Top 5 Demands Phil Jackson Should Have Made

 If you haven't heard the news and haven't already hung yourself from a shower rod with a sweater vest tied around your neck, the Lakers have selected and signed a new Head Coach for the next 3 years with an option for 4 - Mike D'Antoni.

Although he is not Phil Jackson, this is a smart move for the Lakers organization because it gives us a chance to use Steve Nash and Dwight Howard in the best way possible. Scoring a thousand points a night while Dwight and Metta World Peace swat balls and scare the opposing team away from making a shot.

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The Best Worst Kobe Bryant Hecklers Ever – Vol. 1

Everyone has an opinion, and thats why the internet needs to be destroyed. I would be satisfied if we can all just hang out at a bar and talk Lakers but no, Judgement Day is taking forever and I'm ready to answer to Skynet. But that doesnt mean we cant laugh at these idiots!

After watching stupid people doing stupid things on Youtube continuously, I finally took a break and started watching some Kobe highlight videos. As I began to search for the best ones that I can find, I came across a couple that definitely caught my eye.

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James Harden & Beard Traded To Houston Rockets. Laker Fans Point and Laugh Hysterically.

Lets get this out of the way (I feel like I always have to explain this but I kind of like to because...) I'm an asshole. If I can find a way to push that cigarette deeper into your skin, I'll do it. Since people like to pick on little ol us, the 16x NBA WORLD CHAMPIONS OF BASKETBALL SEASONS, YOUR LOS ANGELES LAKERS, I like doing it right back.

 Over the weekend it was reported by Yahoo! Basketball Reporter Adrian Wojnarowski that the Oklahoma City Thunder traded the current Sixth Man of The Year James "Fear The Beard" Harden to the Houston Rockets for Kevin Martin (I thought it said Kenyon Martin at first, and that would be hilarious if it was), Rookie Jeremy Lamb and some other draft picks that I'm too drunk to remember. Not only is this OKC's way of shooting themselves in their crusty foot but this has to be THEE move that will not only benefit the Lakers but the remaining years of Kobe Bryant being employed by the NBA.

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2004 vs 2013: Why History Won’t Repeat Itself (F***You Mark Cuban)

The year was 2004. The United States was waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan.  A whale exploded on the streets of Taiwan. A charismatic Senator from Illinois went H.A.M. at the Democratic National Convention and the Boston Red Sox broke the Curse of the Bambino by winning their first World Series title in 86 years. Subsequently, 200,000 innocent people are killed after an earthquake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Is there a correlation between Boston’s happiness and God’s anger? Draw your own conclusions.

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Black Mamba + White Mamba = The Greatest Duo That Never Happened

For those that follow me on Twitter @FEAR_LA, you would know that I was trying to start a campaign this summer where a miracle would occur and by some small chance, Mitch Kupchak would sign the legend, the myth: Brian Scalabrine. Well, that didnt happen and I am forever heartbroken because its being reported that he will remain America's favorite free agent and will be joining Comcast SportsNet New England as a commentator.

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Matt Barnes Signs With Clippers, “Kill You” T-Shirts Recalled

For those who lived under a rock, Matt Barnes signed on as a free agent with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2010 and after a couple of mediocre seasons, the Lakers decided to let him flock back into the NBA landscape, leaving Matt Barnes a free agent once again. But you know what they say; one team's trash is another signed free agent for the Los Angeles Clippers!

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We can rebuild them. Better, Stronger, Faster.

May 21st 2012 was probably one of the darkest days to be a Laker fan. That day, Oklahoma City decided to beat us in an embarrassing fashion by taking Game 5 and beating us 106-90. Many questioned what was next for the Lakers, Kobe and especially Pau Gasol. I remember every blog and tweet screamed with conviction of ridding Pau Gasol immediately. It was the 2nd time in a row where he failed to play his full potential like the previous years he spent in LA. I knew that wasnt the solution to this problem. Hell, he helped get us to the promise land 3 times in a row and we won 2 titles out of it. Theres all the proof you need to know that he plays a huge part on this team.

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Why You Should Give A Shit About Hockey

FEAR LA is excited to announce that we will be expanding our content into the world of hockey and will be covering another beloved LA sports team, our Los Angeles Kings! Please welcome Evan Novorot to the FEAR LA family and enjoy reading his first post. Evan is a die hard Kings fan, as well as a Lakers fan, so expect the same in your face attitude that FEAR LA always brings you. And for no reason, here's a picture of Eazy-E!

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The Do’s and Don’ts to Rioting

Believe it or not rioting has a few basic rules: destroy everything & if someone falls pick them up (kind of like being in a mosh pit) but it is possible to have fun rioting without damaging property or hurting someone. Now these rules apply only on sporting events and finding out your not the father, so if your rioting in say Libya or London, you have a different reason for rioting that doesn't involve the Lakers winning another championship.

So here is a List of Do's and Don'ts of Rioting!

Do: Give everyone you see High Fives!
Don't: Give everyone High Fives at a Women's Shelter...

Do: Drive around the city while honking at other fans that are celebrating as well.
Don't: Drive around the city and get mad at cops because they're not celebrating.

Do: Go to your local bar and have a drink with everyone celebrating
Don't: Go to your local bar and drink everyones drinks while they're celebrating. You'll get the shit kicked out of you.

Do: Go to a shooting range or in the middle of the desert and shoot your guns in victory.
Don't: Go to a golf shooting range and shoot at balls in the name of victory.

Do: Call your friends that rooted for the losing team and make fun of them.
Don't: Tell them where you live.

Do: Celebrate with your in-laws.
Don't: Celebrate with your in laws by trying to fuck your wife's sister.

Do: Park your car as far as you can so that your car will be in a safe distance away from the riot.
Don't: forget to pay your car insurance, just in case.

Do: Wear your World Champion shirt after your team is victorious.
Don't: Wear your World Champion shirt after you make your girlfriend cum.